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Strategic  Cooperation                                        


To popularize LED products globally, we are sincerely inviting all industrial elites to join our strategical ally. Once join DX global strategic ally network, you will be our priority.  


1. High quality products
Warranty period 2 years. We support our parteners to exchange all items
unconditionally. Please retain the roofs clearance with the coporation;

2. Timely systematic service
Lighting design service is available. Considerate logistics and delivery;

3. Competitive price
Competitive and exible price policy according to market segment.
We keep updating our price according to technology trend;
Our price is no higher than another competitors at the same quality

4. Yearly sales bonus
Once transaction amount reaches the agreed goal, yearly bonus will be

5. Local adviertisement support

Once transaction amount reaches rhe agreed goal, we will advertise our brand
and products locally to support your further business.

6. Exclusive market protection
Once we enter into strategic cooperation, you will be solo agent in your region.

7. Human resource training
We provide related LED industry knowledge training course to our customers.

8. Technology information express
We regularly collect industrial information and update our technology information
for your business vision.

9. Support you to set up local LED industry