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Being aware of serious energy crisis we mankind are facing,Efong and his builders invested in LED industry, with an aim at making and supplying high quality but affordable energy-saving products to the average people all over the world. Our LED industrial chain consists of LED capsule factory, LED capsule frame factory, lighting nished products manufacture.

Based on affluent industrial experience, integrated industrial chain and sustainable strategy, we DX Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd are growing together with customers from all over the world. Currently, we are on the way to be a leading manufacturer in LED industry.


Based on past outstanding performance and brilliant development vision, we are greatly supported by municipal level government as well as provincial government. Currently, a LED Optoelectronic Technology Park covering 100,000 square meters is under construction and will be completed soon. The total investment is about 1 billion RMB.

DX Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd has a full set of advanced equipments from testing to production. Most of them are imported.The above elements can sustain our long term strategy for sure. We hope to meet the sharply growing demand for LED lighting products in every aspect.




Create a good working condition, communication atmosphere and material wealth for all teammembers;Create high quality products and service to for all customers; Create advanced enterprise culture, technological achievements and economic benet realizing ways for mankind.

Due to our corporation culture of tolerance,diversity and harmony, our team keeps creative and dynamicAny customer is welcome to join us and share our happiness.


Aiming at making affordable but high quality products, we conduct a strict set of QC system. Now Our products have been certied by relevant authorities in various quality systems, including 3C(compulsory in China), CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE,UL etc.